Overcoming Fear And Speaking Well In Public

Speaking in public is one of the greatest fears for many people.  If you want to be able to present your company and gain the necessary sales, then you will need to overcome this fear of public speaking.  Think about the positive after effects of making a good presentation.  Focus on the many new potential customers your presentation may gain for your company.  If you are a captive to your fear of public speaking think about the customers and contact people you may never meet because you let your anxiety get the best of you.  Try to take your negative energy and turn it into positive energy.

One way to get the negative energy from your body is to try standing up on one leg.  Shake the leg that is off the floor and then switch legs and do the same thing with the second leg.  You are shaking the negative energy from your body and toward the floor.  This strategy may sound weird, but it does work.  To relieve the tension from your hands, hold them out and shake them fast.  Then put your hands over your head and then down to your sides.  Repeat this process a few times.  This will take the tension from your hands and arms so any movements you make with them during your presentation will appear natural.  To relieve the tension from the muscles of your face chew in an exaggerated manner.  Do these exercises to warm up before you make your presentation.  They should help you feel less uptight.  Try to avoid thinking too much about how you are going to do during your presentation as this will only make you more nervous.  Your audience will relax with you if you are relaxed.

If you are comfortable with it, you might use some humor when you are speaking.  Just be sure that any humor you decide to use fits well with the presentation and with the type audience you are addressing.  Your jokes must be related in some way to your topic.  Adding humor to your presentation will help people to remember the things you said.  You might also use a humorous photo or cartoon in your slide presentation.  (Be sure you have the permission of the photographer or illustrator to use their material.)

You will get the attention of your listeners when you present a nice relevant speech in a confident manner.  The information you are presenting needs to be logically and clearly organized.  You want your audience to be able to easily follow and understand what you are saying.  Divide your information into small blocks and keep things simple and easy.  The points you want your audience to remember should be highlighted.

The conclusion of your presentation will be the most critical time.  People are going to think about and remember the last things you said.  This might be the time when you can use some quotes, stories or surprising facts to leave a lasting impression.  These devises need to be related to the topic of your presentation.   When you are concluding your presentation continue to keep eye contact with your audience, smile at the people and be sure to thank them for the time they have given to you for your presentation.

As you speak in public more frequently you will gain confidence and you will lose your fear of making a presentation.