Pick Up A Perfect Laptop Bag


When you own a laptop you will probably want to purchase a bag to carry it.

There are things you want to look for when shopping for a laptop bag. You want to choose a bag that will last for a period of time without fraying or the lining shredding or the zipper breaking or the strap coming off.

If your bag is going to carry a heavy weight choose a strap that is 2” wide. For a lighter weight in the laptop case you can consider a strap that is about 1 ½” wide. Many laptop bags come with only a 1” strap and this can be uncomfortable if you are carrying the bag for a long period of time. The thinner strap will wear out faster than a wider one.

The way a strap is attached to the bag will affect its wear. Round hardware used to attach the strap to the bag will wear longer than rectangular hardware.

Sometimes you will place your laptop bag on a floor so it is nice to have feet sewn on the bottom of the bag. You also might want the bottom of the bag to be reinforced to reduce wear.

Most linings in the laptop bags are made of acetate or polyester. These materials wear pretty well, but are apt to fray if accidentally pierced with something like keys or a pen.

Be sure you check the dimensions of the laptop case compartment to be positive your laptop will fit in the bag.


There are many different types of laptop bags from backpacks to rolling bags to sleeves or briefcase styles and messenger bag styles. The type laptop bag you choose depends on your personal preference and the way you will be using your laptop bag.

Backpack bags are nice for students and travelers as they are easy to carry and the weight is evenly distributed by the shoulder straps.

Laptop sleeves are snug fitting covers that work well if you are placing your laptop into another bag or if you are simply carrying your laptop from room to room or within an office environment.

Messenger bags work well if you are active. Their cross body design makes them easy to carry.

If you are taking your material long distances a rolling laptop bag may be the answer. These are heavier and bulkier than other laptop bags, but you can carry more stuff in them.

The briefcase style laptop case can be carried on one shoulder or with a handle. These bags are usually compact and lightweight with a professional or traditional look.

Whatever type laptop bag you choose you want to be sure the bag will provide the functionality you need. Laptop bags come with both interior and exterior pockets. Some pockets are open while others zip closed.

You want your laptop bag to be constructed from high quality material appropriate to the style bag. You want the laptop bag to be easy to use and to provide good protection for your laptop.

It will prove well worth your time to research laptop bags to determine what will best fit your needs and provide the best protection for your laptop. Laptop bags are available in a wide range of quality, styles and prices.