Places For Kid’s Birthday Parties

kidsMany parents and kids get tired of having the same old birthday party at home.  Some parents have come to realize they can spare themselves a great deal of work by having a child’s birthday party somewhere outside the home.

The age and gender of the birthday person will be a big factor in determining where to hold the celebration.

A few places that come to mind may be a trip to see a movie or sporting event or fashion show.  Young boys especially may enjoy a visit to a historic battlefield,  A visit to a museum with dinosaurs or space equipment or beautiful jewelry or gowns may be a hit.  Are there railroad museums or model railroads in your area.  Is taking a group to a Zoo or the beach or to an amusement park a possibility?  Any of these places could be followed by a stop for a lunch of pizza or hot dogs or hamburgers with ice cream and cake.  Birthdays are not the time to worry about healthy eating.

If the weather is good you might want to visit a farm.  This will be especially “eye opening” for city kids.  Some farmers hold events for children which  may include children’s parties featuring fresh foods.  The farmer will show the children how some of their food is grown.  Some farms may have hay rides available or corn mazes to explore.

If there is a nature center or conservation area in your vicinity the children may enjoy a visit.  They can learn about the vegetation in the area and go for a nature walk and perhaps enjoy a picnic lunch.

If the weather is cooler or the birthday is in winter perhaps a visit to a gymnastics studio or indoor sports center may be a way to enjoy a fun birthday.  Indoor sports centers will have facilities for many different activities the kids can play.  At a gymnastic center the children will be led through various obstacles by certified instructors.

If your birthday party is going to be just girls they may feel very special with a trip to a salon and/or spa (I don’t think many boys would enjoy this).  Here they can have mini manicures or try makeup or have their hair done while enjoying a birthday party too.

These are just a dew ideas your child may enjoy as a birthday venue.  If you put on your thinking cap you will come up with many more interesting fun places to celebrate that special birthday.