Places Where Your Allergies May Feel Better


If you are suffering the itchy eyes, stuffy and running nose associated with an allergy you may be considering a move to a more allergy friendly area.

If you have seasonal allergies you want to take into consideration the pollen count in an area.  The more pollen in the air the more your allergy symptoms will bother you.  Places which are on or near the water and have a nice breeze with low humidity may make seasonal allergy symptoms less noticeable.   For those people suffering from mold allergies they may do better in a dry climate.  Those with allergies to dust may do better in an area with high humidity and high precipitation.

It may seem like a good idea to move into a more allergy friendly place.  This is not necessarily the case.  Some place that may be good for your allergies during one season may not be helpful during a different season.  If the new place is helpful for your present symptoms you may simply develop a new allergy to your new place.  You may find relief from seasonal allergies and instead develop allergies to mold.

Sunny Denver Skyline

Before deciding to move for your allergies it’s important to have allergy testing and try a course of treatment to make the allergies more manageable.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America rates the best and worst places to live in the United States if your have allergies twice each year.  They take into consideration the pollen score, average medication per patient and number of certified allergists.

Some cities which may be more pleasant for allergy sufferers include Denver Colorado, Seattle Washington, San Francisco California, Salt Lake City Utah and Daytona Beach Florida.  Other areas where allergy suffers may feel some relied are several cities in the mountain states like Colorado Springs Colorado or Ogden Utah.  In the Midwest area allergy friendly places may include Youngstown Ohio, Cleveland Ohio and Minneapolis Minnesota.  If you are considering the New England area you might consider Boston Massachusetts, Bridgeport  Connecticut or New Haven Connecticut.

Keep in mind that there will be some pollen everywhere unless you move to someplace with extreme weather and then you may develop an allergy to something new.