Pre-Planning Your Funeral

funeral2Many people do not want to think about planning for their funeral.  However, death will come to each of us one day.  It can be a very stressful time for the loved ones of the deceased and having to deal with making funeral arrangements can add to that stress.

If  you pre-plan your own funeral you will relieve some of the stress from the shoulders of your loved ones.  It can give you a sense of peace and security knowing you have plans in place for your funeral.

You may want to leave instructions for your loved ones to display certain photos or objects at your viewing.  You may want a particular type of music played.  You may want a memorial service from an organization where you were a member such as the Masons, VFW, Elks, etc.  You may want military honors.  You may want your funeral service to be held at the funeral home or you may want it to be held at Church or at the graveside.  All of these items and more can be discussed with the funeral director when you pre-plan your funeral.

A funeral director will be able to assist you with the process of planning for your funeral. You want a director who will listen to your wishes and not try to impose his ideas on you.

Before you start pre-planning your funeral you need to decide which funeral home you want to use.  Many families have used the same funeral home for years because they feel comfortable there and receive good service.  If you do not already have a funeral home of choice check into the reputations of funeral homes in your area, talk with the funeral  director and then decide where you think your family will feel comfortable.

Funerals today can cost upward of $6,000.  This figure does not include the cost of a gravesite or marker.

You do not need to pay for your funeral at the time  you make pre-arrangements.  Perhaps you already have money set aside to cover these expenses.

There are insurance policies available for the sole purpose of covering final expenses.  If you already have the funds set aside you may want to consider transferring these funds to such a policy.  Your rate of return maybe better than a savings account or CD.

If you do not already have the funds on hand you can pay the cost  of your future funeral over time.  Some funeral homes place these funds in a funeral trust in a bank.  Other funeral homes have you purchase an insurance policy and the insurance company handles the receipt of your premium payments. The financial arrangements should be discussed with the funeral director.

If you have pre-planned your funeral keep a copy of these arrangements where your loved ones can easily retrieve them.  Be sure they are aware of  your wishes.

When the time comes your loved ones will appreciate the consideration you have shown by relieving them of some of the stress with planning your funeral and by leaving clear indications of the type service you desire.