Pregnancy Comes With Both Blessings And Curses

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have in life.  Becoming pregnant and having the ability to carry a developing person in your womb for the nine months while it develops into a fully functioning infant is one of life’s greatest miracles.  Women who have been blessed with the privilege of carrying and bearing children know exactly what a wonderful miracle this is.  Women who have born babies also know that with all its blessings, pregnancy is not without its struggles.

Let’s look first at some of the curses of being pregnant.  Pregnancy is no walk in the park.  It will bring  some hard things to the life of the expectant mother.  Early in pregnancy (and for some unfortunate women all through their pregnancy) they will experience nausea often referred to as morning sickness.  They will feel extremely tired.  Pregnant women often feel frustration over the weight gain.  Then there is the clumsy movement with a big belly leading the way and the problem of seeing your feet to tie your shoes.  Some women experience a swelling of their feet making it uncomfortable to get around. Sleep does not come easily to the pregnant woman with a baby growing and moving inside.  Sometimes it is hard for the pregnant woman to keep up with the demands of her everyday life.  These are a few of the not so nice things associated with pregnancy.

Now let’s look at the brighter side of things.  Naturally, the most important blessing of pregnancy is the promise of a new life.  There is nothing more special than seeing a newborn come into the world.  Women are the ones who get to provide that perfect atmosphere for the unborn baby to grow in a safe warm place.  Before the baby is born the woman gets to share a special intimacy with the baby.  She has months of special time bonding with the baby. Many pregnant women will sing to the baby in the womb or talk with him/her or even read to the baby. No one else truly gets to bond with the baby until he/she is born.

Pregnancy has its obvious benefits for women who like to shop.  You have an excuse to shop and spend money creating a nursery complete with all the stuff a baby needs.  As a growing pregnant woman, you will need to shop for clothing for yourself that fits your new changing shape. Enjoy this time shopping.  You have the perfect excuse for doing it and this excuse is not going to last too long.

Wherever they go pregnant women appear to be looked after and cared for so enjoy this time.  People seem to want to help the expectant mother.  Doors will be opened for her; heavy items will be lifted for her and if the pregnant woman is lucky someone will prepare great meals for her from time to time.  Take full advantage of the attention people give you while you are pregnant.

Regardless of the problems you experience during pregnancy, nothing is better than the joy and privilege you experience by bringing a new life into the world.  As soon as that new life is placed in his/her mother’s arms all negative things are forgotten and replaced by the love a mother feels for her child.