Prevent Some Minor Foot Problems

footOur feet are designed to provide stability and mobility.  The structure of the foot allows us to walk or run as we choose.  However, the daily strains we place on our feet can cause problems to develop resulting in unsteadiness and pain .  If not addressed minor foot problems can become more serious and complicated and require extensive and expensive treatments.

Proper fitting shoes with good support will go a long way to ensuring healthy feet.  You also should care for and exercise the feet regularly.

If you are susceptible to blisters try using some absorbent powder to eliminate the excess sweat you feet may generate.  Be sure your shoes fit properly so they do not rub blisters.  Your socks should be smooth so they don’t cause irritation.

If you have some foot ailments you do not want your feet to be wet for long periods of time.  Wearing  water proof socks can help reduce blisters and other foot ailments.  These socks are inexpensive and readily available.

If you have sensitive pressure points on top of the foot some shoes and laces may irritate this condition.  You can help the problem by changing the laces and footwear.  There are laces available that offer more flexibility and comfort.  These laces may be purchased over the counter.

One way to help your feet is to soak them in a bath of one part rich vinegar and one part water.  Soak the feet for thirty minutes.  Rice vinegar is anti-bacterial and will destroy bacteria and remove nail fungus.  The rice vinegar’s chemistry can change the PH balance of the skin making it smoother.

If you have dry cracked heels you may want to consider a scrub made of one tablespoon honey, one tablespoon coarse salt, one tablespoon rice vinegar and a few drops of olive oil.  Scrub this paste into the hard coarse area using a sponge or pumice. This mixture will help get rid of the dead skin.  After the scrub apply a foot cream and cover with a sock for about an hour till the cream sinks in.

If you are unable to locate rice vinegar you can substitute apple cider vinegar.

If you try some prevention tactics to help prevent food problems you can avoid some discomfort, stress and pain.