Quick And Easy Meals For One

You live alone and are tired of eating out every day.  You want to save some money and you simply just want to eat some meals at home.

Even if you are not a cook, you can enjoy simple meals prepared at home.  Of course, there are numerous frozen meals available.  Some of these meals are healthy and others are full of sugars, fats and chemicals you cannot pronounce.  If you want to include some frozen entrees in your diet, read the labels.  Select entrees with ingredients that you know are food or seasoning and not a chemical.

Even a novice can fix some easy meals.

For dinner a baked potato is a great start.  You can purchase a potato in the produce section of your supermarket that is already washed and wrapped and ready for the microwave.  You can also simply purchase a potato.  Then bring it home and scrub it with a vegetable brush.  If you want to microwave the potato prick it several times with a fork and microwave for about 10 minutes.  Take it out and wrap in foil for another 2 minutes.  If you don’t want to microwave your potato put it in the oven after you wash it and let it cook for about a half hour to forty minutes.  It is done when your fork goes in easily.

You can stuff your baked potato with broccoli in cheese sauce.  You purchase the broccoli and cheese sauce frozen, heat according to package directions and then put it over your split potato.  You can stuff a potato with chili.  Baked potatoes can be stuffed with chicken and mushrooms sautéed in a little butter or olive oil.  You don’t need to cook the chicken.  You can either purchase a rotisserie chicken and use it for several different meals or purchase some Perdue short cuts and use this chicken.  Make your baked potato into a tuna melt.  Split the baked potato, add some tuna fish and top with cheese.  Pop it into the microwave for about 1 minute.  You can use either the regular canned tuna or a pouch of the seasoned tuna.  Either works great.  Add a tossed salad to go with your potato and you have a fast, easy, decent meal.

Eggs are a good source of protein.  They are an inexpensive meal.  You can have hard boiled eggs or you can cook scrambled or fried eggs.  You can purchase eggs that are already hard boiled and peeled and ready to use.  If you want to hard boil your own eggs simply place them in cold water, bring the water to a boil, remove the pot from the stove and put on the lid.  Allow the pot with the eggs to stand at least fifteen minutes.  Then remove the lid and put the pot under cold running water for a few minutes.  The eggs are done and should be ready and easy to peel.  For scrambled eggs simple whip the egg with either a little water or milk, add salt and pepper to taste, and cook in an oiled frying pan until they are done to your satisfaction.  The fried egg is put into a hot pan with some oil and cooked until the whites and the yolk are set.  You can turn the egg over to finish it or you can put a teaspoon of water in the pan and put a lid on the pan to complete the cooking.  Have some vegetables or vegetable juice with your eggs and a piece of two of wheat toast.

For dessert you might try some fresh fruit or perhaps a piece of dark chocolate.

For breakfast you might want to try a quick and easy peanut and banana sandwich, either on plain bread or toast.  You could get fancy and have it on a toaster waffle.

Another quick breakfast is oatmeal in a jar.  Actually, any airtight container is fine.  Put equal amounts of dry rolled oats and Greek yogurt in a container and mix well.  Add any topping you like.  It may be some honey and cinnamon and some berries and nuts.  Place the oatmeal in the refrigerator before you go to bed and it will be ready to enjoy for breakfast when you awake.

These are just a few suggestions you might try if you want to start eating some meals at home.  When you are alone, most days you will not feel like taking a great deal of time or expending a great deal of effort to fix some food for yourself.  Still, it is a good idea to have a few simple meals that you can put together with little effort that are healthy and that you can enjoy.