Relief for Back Pain

Back pain can put your life on hold.  When your back is painful it’s normal to feel stress.  Your back pain may have come from an injury, from moving your back in a way it is not used to, from moving something heavy, from not warming up before playing sports, you may have fallen or it’s even possible for something as small and simple as a sneeze to trigger an injury and pain.  It is also possible that your back pain could be caused by a more serious problem such as disease.  

Your back pain can come from any number of things.  If you are concerned that you have a serious problem be sure to consult with your health professional, follow his guidance and advice. 

If you think your problem is something simple you may be able to manage it yourself.  You might try using an ice pack on your back for 72 hours.   On the first day use the ice pack for 10 minutes each hour.  During the next couple of days use the ice pack 3 times each day.  After the third day, switch to a heating pad.  If your pain is caused by a pulled muscle, give your back a chance to rest. Lay on your back on the floor, place a pillow beneath your head and elevate your feet.  You can either use a pillow to elevate your feet or your can use a chair for elevation.  Take some ibuprofen using the recommended dosage amount listed on the label.  After 4 days, if you are still in pain, consult your health care professional. 

There are some things you can do to help prevent further injuries and relieve back pain.  Be sure to wear proper shoes.  The shoes should be comfortable and have low heels.  If you are standing for a long period of time, try resting your foot one at a time on a step or stool.  When you sit down be sure your posture is good and again rest your foot on a step stool or chair while you are sitting.  If working at a desk, be sure your computer monitor is at the proper level so you don’t need your back to bend over. 

If you often are troubled with back pain, exercise may help the problem.  Be sure to talk with your health professional and get his approval before starting any exercises.   Exercise will not only help your back pain it will benefit other areas of your body as well.  Exercise can add to your total well-being. 

Several different types of exercises can help with back pain.  These include aerobic exercises which not only help strengthen your back, they benefit your heart and can help with weight loss.  When you are carrying excess weight, it puts more strain on your back. 

Yoga is another good exercise for relieving back pain.  Yoga has positive stretching moves that stretch your spine and strengthen your back.  Yoga helps with the overall health of your back and your body.  It can improve your balance and help with your breathing. 

Regular exercise will help keep your body stronger and will help you stay mobile and more flexible.  It will also shorten recovery time if you again hurt your back.  Even something as simple as a 15 minute walk each day can help your body.   

Improve your health and relieve your back pain with some simple steps like exercise, drinking plenty of water, eating nourishing foods, and getting your weight down to a healthy level.