Save Money Buying School Supplies

Shortly before the start of each school year parents of school age children are scrambling to purchase needed school supplies.

Buying school supplies is not a cheap project.  However, with some thought and planning you can avoid spending a bundle of cash.  You can get the needed supplies for your child at a reasonable cost if you keep a few simple tips in mind.

If you shop online at a school supply site or office supply site you can easily compare prices before making a purchase.  You also avoid the temptation of an impulse buy if you see something that is “neat”, but not essential.   Shopping online eliminates your child accompanying you and insisting he needs items not really required but simply desired.

Have a list of the general school supplies needed each year and purchase these during the year when you find these items on sale and/or when you have a coupon for them.  Avoid stockpiling an excessive hoard of supplies.  A reasonable stash of supplies is fine.

During the school year projects always come up.  If you have some construction paper, paints or crayons or colored pens and glue, etc. on hand you will not have to run out and make an unexpected purchase at a premium price.  If you want to find out what type projects may come up during the school year check online for projects for your child’s school year.  That is for a child in fifth grade check fifth grade school projects.

When purchasing supplies invest in items that will last through the school year and hopefully through more than one year.  Things like pens, pencils, erasers, scissors, staplers,  will be needed and can be used through several school grades.  You don’t save any money by purchasing inferior products that need to be replaced over and over again.

Schools provide a list of supplies they anticipate your child will need for the year.  Follow this list and do not purchase a lot of unnecessary extras.

If you have waited until almost time for school to start you may still be able to find supplies going on sale.  Try to take advantage of the sales when they begin since you will have more choices of the needed pens, pencils, scissors and other supplies at a fraction of their original cost.

Buying school supplies is a necessary expense, but by making some smart choices you can substantially reduce the amount you spend.