Save On Your Car Insurance

Business woman looking at camera through the car window.

Everyone who drives needs to carry car insurance and the premiums for this insurance can take a big bite out of the family budget.

Some things which insurance companies take into consideration you cannot change such as the age of the licensed drivers in the home.  If you are under 30 or over 75 you very likely will pay more for your insurance.  The area where you live plays a part in computing your insurance rate.

Fortunately, there are some ways you may be able to lower the cost of insurance.  Of course, your driving record will play a good part in the premium you are charged.  Safe drivers will have a lower premium than careless drivers.

When you purchase a car bear in mind the insurance costs you will be paying.  Premiums can vary depending on the car’s specifics and the costs associated with repairing that particular car model as well as the safety record for that model and whether or not it is a target of car thieves.

If you are able to pay more out of pocket should you have an accident you might consider raising the amount of your deductible to lower that premium cost.

Compare rates for car insurance coverage with various companies.  Do your research as you want a reputable company that will respond promptly and honestly if you have a question or problem.


Ask an insurance company if they offer a discount for completion of driver’s education courses, good grades in school, being a member of a particular organization or being retired.  You may qualify for a discount if your car has safety features like automatic seatbelts, antilock brakes or an alarm system.  Some insurances companies that do not offer any discounts may still have a lower premium than a company that does offer discounts so you need to check this out.

If  you only drive a limited number of miles you may be able to pay less.

Having several insurance policies with the same company can lead to  a lower rate.

You can save some money if you avoid paying your insurance premiums monthly.  Your insurance company may charge you a fee every month of  between $3 and $5 for this service.

Another thing insurance companies consider when you apply for car insurance is your credit score.  Maintaining a good credit score will help keep insurance premiums lower.  If your credit score is low work toward a better score.  Check your credit score regularly to be sure that are no errors on it and if you find an error contact the credit bureau to have the error corrected.

Finding the best rate for your car insurance may take some time and investigation on your part, but in the end it can be well worth the effort.