Save Time Organizing

If you want to organize your living space, but think you do not have the time, here are some tips that may be helpful.  It is great if you have the luxury of devoting several days or weeks to completely organizing your home.  Most people need to find time to organize while still accomplishing their daily tasks.  It will be nice if you can enlist help from family or friends to help get organized.  If you can afford it there are people who will come organize your home.  The advantage of hiring an organizer is that they have experience.  Most likely you will find that organizing your home is up to you.  The clutter in your home did not happen overnight so it probably is not going to be cleared out overnight either.

One easy way to keep things in place is to touch something only once.  If you take off a jacket and toss it on the chair planning to hang it up later that will take two steps.  Instead hang up your jacket as soon as you take it off and that task is done – one step.  The same thing applies to dirty dishes.  Put them in the dishwasher right away and not in the sink to be put in the dishwasher later.  When mail comes into the house, sort it.  Throw away the junk and put the mail you need to handle in its proper place.  This way you will not mislay any important correspondence that needs to be addressed and you will not miss paying any bills when they are due.

Get rid of anything you no longer need or want.  Why take up space with things that are not needed or wanted.  Donate, sell, give away or trash whatever things you don’t want.

You can organize your home using short periods of time.  If you watch television why not go through and clear out the junk drawer at the same time.  Once the junk drawer is finished start going through and sorting your magazines, clean out the refrigerator, sort your CDs and videos.  If you commute on public transportation use that time to go through and sort a file folder. When you have a few minutes free go through your closet, your shoes or purses, organize your recipes and keep only the ones you will use, clean off a shelf, sort your computer files.  Find something small to do that can be finished quickly and will still give you a sense of accomplishment.

Work on only one space at a time.  When you have completed organizing that first space then move on to the next one.  It’s okay if you can only devote fifteen or twenty minutes at a time to do some organizing.  Working only fifteen or twenty minutes at a time may mean that it takes two or three days to clean out the refrigerator.  It does not matter.  As long as you stick with the program it will eventually be completed.

Having an organized home is going to make life easier.  It will not give you a larger home, but your home will feel more spacious.  Life will be easier when you know where everything is and it can be easily retrieved.