Saving Money On Food

Every family needs to purchase food and this can take a large chunk of the family income every month.

There are some ways to help reduce the amount  you need to spend to have the food supplies you need.  Your first place to look for savings is when you go to the grocery store for your weekly or monthly stock up trip.  Try to do most of your shopping in no more than one trip weekly.  The more times you run into a grocery store the more opportunities there are to impulse shop.

When you are ready to do your shopping do not just hop in the car, drive to the store, and browse the aisles to full your cart.  Instead, first check the groceries you have on hand at home and then make a list of what you need.  Check the circular for the store where you shop and build your list around  items that are on sale.  Check for coupons for the items you plan to purchase.  In addition to newspaper coupons and any coupons previously given out by the store, you can check for coupons online.  Be sure to check for items at the store which have cents off coupons and some stores have coupons near the item at the end of the shelves.  Many stores will double or triple manufacturers coupons.  If your store offers a discount card for shoppers be sure to use it and receive a lower price on some items.

Only go up and down the aisles holding the items on your list to avoid those pricey impulse purchases.  If you pick up a bunch of impulse items just because you see a good price for them you can easily blow your food budget out of line.  If there are sales at more than one store for items you need and the stores are not too far apart it may pay to get your sale items at each store.

Once you have purchased your groceries you can save even more money on food by cooking and eating at home.  If you normally eat most meals out of the home start by having one or two meals at home the first week.  Gradually increase the number of meals you fix and eat at home over time.  This little change can save a large sum of food money.  If you don’t feel like cooking dinner after working all day try using a crock-pot or try cooking several meals on the weekend that can quickly be heated during week nights.

Every week or two have a clean out the refrigerator night.  Use up those leftovers so you don’t need do throw them out.  If you don’t like leftovers try  turning them into something else.  Leftover vegetables can go into an omelet or salad.  Leftover meat can also go into a salad or can be heated in gravy for a hot sandwich.  Both the vegetables and meat can be used in soup or stews.

If you have stale bread you don’t need to toss it.  Try toasting and making crouton or bread crumbs.  Toss bread out for the birds.  Dampen stale bread and heat it in the oven for a new minutes till the outside is crusty and eat the bread warm with butter and/or jelly.

Use stale bread to make French toast or bread pudding.

With a little effort and some thought you should be able to feed your family good, healthy meals while spending less money.