Should You Apply For Positions If You’re Not qualified?

application3If you see an opening for your dream internship or job, but you do not have 100% of the required qualifications should you apply for the position?

Determine in your mind why it is important to you to work for this particular industry. If you think this can be a good move toward a career go ahead and apply for the position.

When you submit your resume target those skills you possess which match the qualifications wanted for the position.

If the position is an internship you are more likely to stand a chance if your qualifications fall short of the requirements desired. If you have 75 or 80% of the needed skills and you make a good impression on the hiring manager you may be accepted for the internship.

Although you may not exactly match what the company is looking for that particular position you may turn out to be just the type person that company wants to have as an employee.

Employers look at internships as positions for the intern to learn and grow so a positive attitude and good work ethic may be enough to overcome some of the qualifications you lack.

If you are applying for a job and not an internship you may have to be somewhat more qualified for the position.

Keep in mind the person who wrote the job description for the job opening probably is not all that familiar with the actual requirements of the position. If you have skills and qualifications that match some of the qualifications requested you may want to apply for the position.

apply_online_for_a_jobDon’t try to stretch too far when it comes to your qualifications for a particular position. Do not attempt to go from a very junior position to a very senior one. If the position asks for ten years experience and you only have two years that stretch is probably too much. However, if you have seven or eight years experience you may be considered for the position.

If experience managing a tea of people is a required qualification and you cannot match this with your employment experience,but you have managed teams of volunteers over the years doing charity work, perhaps this experience will be considered.

If you are able to obtain an interview with the hiring manager sometimes your interest in the job and willingness to work will win out over someone with the desired qualifications, but with no real enthusiasm for the position.

If you see a position with a company where you really want to work and the position is too senior for you try sending a resume expressing interest in obtaining a lower position with the company. There might be openings for someone in a lower of mid level position and you might be able to obtain one of these positions with that company.

Whether you are looking for an internship or a job do not be put off simply because you do not meet 100% of the qualifications requested for a position. If you think your skills and experience are complimentary to the position available you should go ahead and apply for it.