Should You Believe In Horoscope?


A horoscope is based upon your time, date and place of birth.  An individual horoscope done for you by a professional takes these items and does an astrological chart for you.  The charts now are often done using one of several computer programs designed for this purpose.  After the chart has been compiled it is studied and analyzed by the astrologer who then can describe to you what is portrayed by the chart.  These individualized personal horoscopes are very different from the horoscopes printed daily in the newspaper and magazines or online.

The general horoscopes available for everyone are very vague for the simple reason they have to apply to hundreds of thousands of people who were born under the same sign.

Perhaps your horoscope will say something like it is important to watch your finances today.  Doesn’t almost everyone need to watch their money everyday?

Perhaps the horoscope says something like today is not a good day to make hasty decisions.  Is any day a good day for hasty decisions?


There may be times when the general horoscope will seem to be speaking just to you.  Perhaps it is saying something that fits perfectly with your own personality.

For example, if you are a Libra it may say you appreciate beauty.  This statement is vague and most people born under the sign of Libra do appreciate beauty so the horoscope is really saying nothing new.

If you are Aries and the horoscope says you are stubborn it may very well describe you.  Many people born under the sign of Aries are stubborn so this is not any kind of revelation.

If you enjoy reading the daily horoscopes this is fine.  Just remember there many people who were born under the same sign and so the horoscope has been written to apply to the mass audience.  You cannot take everything you are reading as absolute.  You want to weigh whatever advice is being given by the horoscope and not take it too seriously.  Some of the published horoscopes are not even written by qualified astrologers.

Consider reading the daily horoscope as a fun and entertaining activity.