Should You Really Go Back To School? Consider These Questions First

You want to think long and hard before you decide whether going back to school is right for you. If you are already established in a job will you have the energy to say on top of your work load at your employment and perform well in your classes? If you cannot continue

to handle your full time job and go to school can you afford to work only part time?

Will you be able to handle the responsibilities of your family and home and still add school to your schedule. You will need to consider how other family members can pitch in to carry some of the load at home.

When you are attending classes you will not only need the to time to devote to the classroom you will also need time to participate in research, classroom projects and to study and complete homework. You can save the time commuting back and forth to school if you attend school online, but you will still need to allow time for the other requirements. If you are going for a degree you will need to be committed for several years.

If you are considering going back to school to pursue a new career make sure there are employment opportunities available in that field.

Going to school, whether it is for a college degree or post-graduate studies, will be expensive. Unless you are wealthy you need to consider the impact on your family situation of the money needed to continue your education. Can you afford it? Will the financial reward after obtaining your degree compensate for the money and time spent?

There are financial assistance programs offered to help with the cost of the advanced education. There may also be tax breaks available. You need to check and find out what might be available to help you financially.

Sometimes a certificate for a course or program will be all that is needed to improve your employment position. Certainly a certificate for a course or program is much less expensive then several years of college classes.

If you are going for a bachelor’s degree it will be less expensive if you decide to take the first two years at a community collect and then transfer credits to a four year college for the last two years.

You want to go back to school when you know what it is you want to do. Taking courses which will not benefit you in the future may not be a wise investment. You want to go back to school either to improve your chances of advancement in your current field of work, to obtain a position in a field of work that is of interest to you, or for your own personal satisfaction.

When you go back to school to improve your employment situation or learn skills you need or want it’s a positive move. After discussion with your family, you are the person who needs to determine whether going back to school at this time is the right step for you to take.