Skin Care Tips

skinTaking care of your skin is not just a matter of a beauty routine for your face.  You need to take into consideration other factors that will help your skin.

Try to keep your hands off your face.  Be sure to wash the hands before your touch your face to avoid getting harmful dirt or bacteria on your skin.

Drinking, smoking an some drugs may contribute to anything from premature aging to dryness and/or skin discoloration.  Lack of sleep will show on your face.  To keep your skin well hydrated drink plenty of water.  What  you put into your body will show on the outside so eat a good varied healthy diet.  Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.  Be sure to remove any makeup from your face before going to bed.  To prevent built up bacteria from transferring to your face be sure and change your pillowcases regularly.

Before you decide what type products you want to use for your face you need to determine what type skin you have.

If  you skin appears to have small or medium size pores and is smooth and firm to the touch it is considered normal skin.

If you have flaky skin that feel tight then your have dry skin.

Oily skin is shiny and feels a little wet to the touch.  It also has large pores and may be prone to breaking out.

If you skin get oily around your nose, chin and forehead, but dry around your checks and normal over the other areas of your face then you have a combination skin.

The hardest skin type to handle is the sensitive skin.  You have sensitive skin if it is easily irritated by some cosmetics  or changes in the weather or burns easily.

Once you know your skin type then  you can purchase products specifically manufactured to best take care  of your skin.  You want to clean and tone your skin and then use a moisturizer for your skin type.

You may want to use a facial peel off mask occasionally to clean your skin.  You probably should not use this any more than once a week.

Twice each day you will want to clean, tone and moisturize your face – in the morning and before bed.  Wash your hands and then use warm water to open your pores.  Apply the cleanser using upward circular motions.  Then remove the cleanser with warm water either by splashing water on your face or using a clean damp sponge.  Then rinse with cold water to close your pores.  Dry with a clean towel and apply toner.  After the toner has dried then follow with the moisturizer.

Getting into a regular routine for taking care of your skin will result in an attractive healthy appearance.