Sleep And Weight Loss


Something many people do not consider when they are trying to lose weight is the importance of a good nights sleep.

In order to function at peak efficiency your body needs to sleep for seven to eight hours each night.  With all the stresses and demands of life today getting enough sleep can become a problem.  At times, we will go to bed, but our minds are racing thinking of issues to be resolved, and we are unable to get to sleep.

Poor sleep can slow down your metabolism.  Poor sleep affects your ability to focus and your body may resist doing those things which are necessary for a healthy lifestyle and the ability to lose weight.  If you are too tired you very likely will decide to simply skip any exercise program.

It is thought that sleep has an effect on two hormones which our bodies produce.  These are leptin which signals when we are full and ghrelin which stimulates the appetite.  When we do not get enough sleep ghrelin levels can rise stimulating your appetite while the leptin levels go down so you don’t feel satisfied after you have eaten.  Lack of sleep has been shown to cause an increase in the amount of junk foods a person will consume while not taking into account the disadvantages of eating these foods.


In studies it has been found that those who are deprived of sleep one night will then  end up eating more the next day and are prone to gaining weight.

A lack of sleep causes stress on the body and may contribute to your chances of developing high blood pressure, heart attack and/or stroke.  Your body is not able to properly function if it does not regularly receive enough sleep.

Although it will not substitute for a good healthy nights sleep you might want to consider a power nap during the day to recharge your batteries.  A power nap is a short rest period lasting between fifteen and twenty minutes.  This short break can give your mind a chance to refocus and it can give you time to catch up with yourself.

Allowing your body to get enough rest on a regular basis is necessary for losing weight as well as necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.