So You Think You Know Raccoons

maxresdefaultRaccoons live almost anywhere in the world, Although they look cute they do not make very good pets.  A raccoon may transmit rabies or parasites.  They are fun to watch, but they are unpredictable.  After all, the raccoon is a wild animal and should be allowed to remain so.  Raccoon are able to adapt and survive in the forest or the suburbs or even in a city.

It is said that President and Mrs. Coolidge had a pet raccoon while they resided in the White House and could be seen walking the raccoon on a leash around the property.

Having a raccoon as a pet is now illegal in some states so before you consider trying to adopt one as a pet check the laws in your area.

Raccoons are omnivores and so will eat a variety of foods whether it is fish, small animals, plants, insects, leaves, berries or pet food.  They will eat just about anything.  If you have a raccoon in your area be sure to keep the pet food indoors so your pet does not have an encounter with the raccoon.

The raccoon is extremely clever.  It can break into most anything.  Some trash can manufacturers who were trying to make cans a raccoon could not open used the raccoons to test the cans.  The manufacturer failed in the attempt as the raccoons were able to open all of the cans.

20140731-Raccoon-TreeThe front paws of the raccoon look like human fingers which allows the raccoon to open latches, unscrew lids, grab and hold something and tear something apart.

At one time scientists thought about using raccoons instead of rats for some experiments.  The scientists gave up the idea when they found it impossible to keep the raccoons caged.  The raccoons always found a way to get out of the cages and create mischievous.

Raccoons have the ability to make several different sounds.  One time the sound may resemble a dog and another time it may be a purring sound resembling a cat.

If you have a raccoon on your property and want to get rid of it you might try bright lights or loud noises to annoy it.  Or you might try putting some unpleasant smells around.  You can try a combination of these.  Since raccoons are nocturnal animals that is the best time to try to get them to move.

Cover any opening the raccoon may have exited with wire mesh so it cannot return.