Some Helpful Tips For Closing That Deal

You may have awesome services to sell, but you are unable to close the deal with prospective customers.  There are several reasons why you are not successful and are unable to secure contracts.  If you are not speaking effectively and conveying your services to the prospect this is a reason you will not sell your services.  Another reason is that you are not listening to the prospect so you can determine how your services will benefit him and then explain the advantage of using your services to reach his goals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are consulting with a prospective client.

Don’t speak too soon and blurt out the first thought that pops into your mind when you are asked a question.  Instead think about what answer will be best to benefit the client.  Your first reaction to a question may not always be the best answer to meet the needs of the client.  The client will appreciate that you put thought into your answer.

Most people who are selling feel that they talk very effectively and very well.  There is an art to speaking effectively.  You need to be able to effectively tell the client how your services are going to benefit his business.

You know your business very well, but your client may not be as familiar with the language associated with these services.  Do not rattle off information the client will not understand.  Instead, speak at the client’s level and not yours.  You do not need to show off as a superstar.  You want to close the sale.  If you talk industry speak, the client will lose interest and you will lose the contract.

You will have a better understanding of how to serve the client if you listen to his wants and needs and ask questions.  You will get a better idea of how your services can help this client.  The client will feel you are helping him to find the solution he needs.

Let the client know that you are passionate and enthusiastic about providing them with the solution they want.  The client is passionate about what he is doing and will appreciate you coming on board to help.  Being enthusiastic will help to open doors for you.

You need to get to know your clients and take an interest in them.  If a client mentions that he cannot see you on Tuesday since he needs to go to his son’s class play, ask him about the play when you follow up with a call to him.  You don’t want to pry, just a friendly inquiry so the client knows you remember his conversation and that you pay attention to details.  You need to ascertain what will work with each client.  If you try to treat each client the same as the next client it will not work and you will find yourself without many clients.

The client is interested in obtaining services that meet his needs and help his business. You need to sell to the customer’s needs.  If you can do this, then you can be successful at closing the deal.trunk