Some Of The Best Summer Jobs For Kids


Whether or not your child is ready to take on a summer job is something the parent will need to decide. A summer job will teach the child to be responsible and independent. It will help build the child’s self-esteem and will permit the child to earn a little money. It will also give a child a sample of what to expect in the real world.

Some summer jobs that are suitable for a child could be helping a neighbor with yard work or chores around the house or perhaps washing cars. If your child wants to do something like this he should distribute some flyers early in the summer offering his services to do these chores. He may be able to obtain some regular customers for these services.

Employing a kid to do these chores will be much cheaper for the homeowner then hiring a landscape service or using a professional car wash.

Younger kids may be capable of helping to spread mulch or rake leaves even if they are too young to use a lawn mower.

A younger child might try having a lemonade stand. The older family member will need to help a young child set up the stand and handle the customers. Still, it will give a young child some sense of accomplishment if he earns a little money of his own.

If you child is very good in a particular subject perhaps he can tutor another child who needs assistance with that subject.


Summer camps often employ teenagers to work as camp counselors or to lead group activities. It helps if the camp offers projects the teenager already enjoys doing.

Older kids may work during the summer as a babysitter or a summer nanny. For families on a budget it is much more cost effective to hire a young person to handle these positions for the summer instead of hiring an adult. The Red Cross has an excellent course to prepare children to be responsible babysitters.

Dogs need to be walked. Perhaps your child can walk the dog for some neighbors.

When the neighbors go on vacation perhaps they will hire a kid to take in the mail and newspapers and water the plants.

If a child likes to swim and is qualified a lifeguard job is a good way to spend the summer while earning some money.

Friends and family may have items they no longer need or want. A kid can hold a yard sale and make some money selling the items.

Older kids may be able to work at a regular part time position n a retail store, ice cream parlor or fast food establishment.