Some Of The Fastest Growing Jobs In The Tech Industry

software-developer-characteristicsListed below are five fast growing tech jobs which are expected to be in high demand in the coming years.

Database Administrator (DBAs) are responsible for controlling the data for an organization. They need to be sure the system (or multiple systems) are secure and run efficiently.

Usually DBAs have a degree in management information systems or a computer related field.

Average income for this position for someone with several years experience is $80,000 with salary increasing as experience grows..

It is projected that by the year 2022 there will be an additional 15% more jobs for these positions.

Software Developer will create the computer programs. Some will build systems while others create applications. Software developers work with users to develop software for their needs. They will work with programmers, project managers and others. A software developer needs to have excellent problem solving skills and a creative mind. It is important to have good math skills.

Trends in development change so make sure the area you choose is going to continue to grow.

Software developers usually have a degree in computer science software engineering or a computer related fields.

Average income with a few years experience is $80,000 with salary increasing with additional experience.

A growth rate of 22% through 2022 is projected for software developer positions.

28218790_sInformation Security Analyst ensure the computer systems and networks of an organization are protected and secure. They monitor for any breeches of security. With the ever increasing number of cyber attacks this position is in high demand. Usually information security analyst positions require a degree in computer programming, computer science or a related field.

Average salary for a few years experience is $87,000 with salary increasing with experience.

The demand for these positions is expected to grow at a high rate with a projection of 37% more positions needed to be filled by 2022.

Mobile Application Developer will create applications for phone systems such as Android, IOS and others as well as the other devices many people cannot function without. This position is currently enjoying the highest amount of growth in the tech marketplace. Many positions are not filled because there are not enough people qualified to fill them.

Usually mobile application developers have a background in computer sciences or software engineering. The field is new and some colleges are beginning to offer degrees in mobile development.

Average salary with a few years experience is $90,000 with salary increasing with more experience.

By the year 2022 the percent of growth for these positions is projected to be 32%.

Computer Systems Analysts study an organization’s computer systems and their procedures. The computer systems analyst then designs system solutions so the company’s systems will work more effectively and efficiently. You need to be able to interact with management to determine their computer system requirements. Then you need to have the computer system tailored to these needs and develop manuals to train employees to use the system.

Usually computer system analyst have a degree in a computer related field. Since they are closely associated with the business end of the company they may have a business background also.

Average income for a few years experience is $70,000 with salary increasing with experience.

Projected growth for this position by 2022 is 25%.