Stop Selling And Improve Your Sales

When you are someone who earns a living in sales you have one of the most challenging Jobs in the world.  Many people are attracted to sales because they think it will be an easy profession. Others are attracted to sales because they like the challenge.  They want to be able to survive and grow based on their individual abilities.  They like the competition and they relish being successful.  Only a few of the people who chose sales as a profession have what it takes to be a success in the field.

Instead of simply trying to sell a product or service to a potential customer, the truly successful salesperson will help this prospect to make an informed decision.  The salesperson should have the expertise to help the potential customer determine the pros and cons of making a purchase.  Will the product or service help meet the needs of the potential customer?  How will the purchase of the product or service benefit the potential customer’s business?  After all, it is the customer’s money.  They should have the information needed for them to make a wise decision.

Stop thinking of a client as a prospect and instead think of them as a potential customer or potential client.

The sales tactics which were successful thirty or forty years ago are no longer in tune with the needs of today.  People are not interested in having someone sell them on a product or service.

Nobody likes to be sold.  They prefer to be helped.  The difference between selling a product or service and engaging, communicating and developing trust with a potential customer is subtle, but very important.

The person in sales needs to change his mindset from someone determined to go out and push for that sale into someone who wants to become a trusted advisor to his potential client.  The successful sales person needs to determine the needs of the potential client and then help him meet that need.

What potential customers are interested in is having someone who can communicate with them and help solve their problems.  They want someone who can inform and educate them on ways to add value to their own business.

Instead of talking, the successful sales person needs to listen to the prospective customer.  He needs to build trust and establish a rapport with this person.  Once he knows what the prospective customer actually needs or wants then the sales person can help the potential customer determine what product or service is best for them.

If you want to increase your sales, stop selling using the old traditional methods.  These methods are not compatible with today’s world.  Instead listen to your prospective client.  Gain his trust.  Share your expertise with him.  Develop a comfortable working relationship with him so he will feel free to discuss the products or services he needs for his company.  With trust and a good working relationship, the prospective customer will feel you are considering his best interests and not simply trying to generate a sale.  You may be pleasantly surprised to notice that  your sales revenue increases when  you stop just selling and instead start listening to the prospective customer.