Storing Your Coffee

The best way to store your coffee beans or your ground coffee is in a cool dry place in an airtight container.  Store the container away from light, moisture and heat.  Ideally, you will have an airtight container to use for coffee storage.  If you do not have an airtight container then securely close the top of the coffee bag and place it in a plastic bag that you can seal closed.

Many people think it is fine to store their coffee or coffee beans in the freezer.  They find a good sale on the coffee, buy in bulk, and then store the coffee or coffee beans in the freezer.  It is probably alright to store the whole beans in the freezer for up to one month if you are not taking them in and out of the freezer.  You will ruin the taste of your coffee if you constantly take your coffee beans out of the freezer and then refreeze them.  Instead, store the beans in small quantities and only take out of the freezer one portion at a time.  Allow the beans to thaw at room temperature before using them.  For a good cup of coffee be sure to grind and use these thawed beans within two weeks.

Freezing is great for many foods.  It is not so great for storing coffee.  There are four main things that harm the freshness of the coffee.  These are heat, air, light and moisture.  The roasted coffee beans are also porous.  When you store them in the freezer they may absorb the flavors of other foods stored there.  You may wind up with coffee having a strange flavor.

When coffee beans are frozen they can absorb moisture and this can cause deterioration and loss of flavor.  The more often you take coffee beans out of the freezer and then put them back in, the more moisture absorption takes place in the coffee bean.

Another problem with freezing coffee beans is that it breaks down the oils in the beans.  Since the oils contribute to the flavor of the coffee, breaking down the oils means taking away flavor.  The flavor is important for enjoying a good cup of coffee.

You do not want to store your coffee or coffee beans in the refrigerator either.  If you want to have a good cup of coffee, keep your coffee out of the refrigerator.

The best way for you to enjoy your coffee at its freshest is to purchase only enough coffee or coffee beans to supply your needs for one to two weeks.  Then store it in the airtight container on a shelf where it is cool and away from light.  Freezing or refrigerating your coffee or coffee beans is not the best way to store your coffee in order to make the best cup of coffee.

Store your coffee beans whole and grind them when you are ready to brew your coffee.  Then sit back, relax and enjoy a good fresh cup of coffee.