Stuck In Cubicle Hell? Here’s How To Liven It Up

Working people usually spend more time at the workplace than they do at home.  If your workday is spent in a drab 10 by 10 foot cubicle lined up with a bunch of identical spaces you may feel like you are suffocating.  Being confined to a cubicle all day can make you  feel as if  the energy is being drained from you.

Cubicles have been popular in offices for quite a few years.  It gives the worker a place where they can concentrate on projects, make uninterrupted phone calls and handle their workload with minimal disruptions.

If you are going to be stuck in a cubicle there are some things you can do to improve the feel of the space and make it a more pleasant comfortable work area.

Keep in mind when you decide to improve your cubicle that it is your employer’s space.  Be sure you adhere to any rules regarding cubicle personalization.  Do not go overboard with your decorating.

If you cubicle is large enough it’s nice to have a chair so a guest or co-worker has a place to sit if they come into  your cubicle.

You may determine the lightening is not quite right for you.  You may find it helpful to place a small lamp on your desk.  Just be sure adding a lamp is okay with management.

If you place a few photos of people or places that are important to you that should be fine.  Just don’t overdo the number of photos your display and don‘t display anything that may be offensive to others.

You might want to have a small dish of candy available for your guests.

Add a leafy plant or two to your cubicle.  It will make your cubicle more livable and will be worth the little bit of time and effort it will take to water the plant.

When your cubicle is piled high with clutter like papers, coffee cups, pens and pencils, business journals, newspapers, etc. it can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.  It can make you appear disorganized to others. Take the time to get rid of the mess and leave out  just the items you need for the projects you are working on presently.  Put everything else away.  You should feel happier and more industrious in a space that is organized to your liking.

You can keep some of the clutter away if you go paperless whenever possible.  It’s also better for the environment.

Once you have organized your space clean your computer, mouse, screen, desktop, phone and chair and anything else that that needs cleaning.  Adjust your chair so it is at a comfortable height for you.

If you need to put some kind of hook over the top of your cubicle check with the occupant of the adjacent cubicle to be sure they don’t mind.  You don’t want fixing up your cubicle space to infringe on any else’s space.

Once you improve  your cubicle so it is more comfortable you may find that your workday is more productive because you are happier and more motivated in your new environment.