Successful Parenting

Hopefully every new parent wants the best for their child.  Make no mistake, being a parent is one of the most difficult demanding jobs on earth.  It can also be the most rewarding experience in your lifetime.

New parents can be overwhelmed with the prospect of continuing their responsibilities of careers and home while adding the responsibilities of feeding, clothing, bathing and potty training a child.  Additionally, they need to build the child’s self esteem and self reliance.

Most of the time children learn what they experience at home.  If they live with anger, impatience and criticism this is what they will learn and think is acceptable.  Conversely if a child lives with love, security and acceptance he will learn this lesson.  In the majority of children there is a desire to please and these children are fairly easy to manage.  Other children have a stubborn streak and are harder to handle and train.

Corporal punishment is not the answer for unacceptable behavior.  Many child rearing experts had advised against any type of corporal punishment.

Instead you might try teaching your child by using cause and effect.  The child can be taught that his bad behavior will cause some type of punishment.  It can be sending the child to a time out place (not his room with lots of toys) or it could be taking away a favorite activity for a specific of time.

Some people may like using a method know as the GOLD standard.  A child is given tickets for good behavior which he can redeem for extra TV or some other activity or treat.

Children do not need to have every fancy toy or electronic device that comes on the market.  More important to a child is time spent with someone they love and respect.

Raising a child is a series of experiences.  Most parents do a decent job of parenting and their children turn out to be decent well adjusted adults.  Remember there is no such person as a perfect parent.  Every parent makes mistakes along the way.  Enjoy your time with your child while he is young.  In the blink of an eye he will not longer be that child and he will have grown into an adult.