Support Groups Help Binge Eaters Recover

Binge eating is also known as compulsive eating.  It is a condition where someone eats far too much food.  When they start eating they are not capable of determining when to stop.  Usually the eating is done in private and consists of all types of foods which are not healthy, but they are high in calories, sugar and fat.   When they are eating meals with others they may eat a normal meal, but they stuff themselves in private.  Both men and women can be binge eaters.

It is easy for binge eating to spiral out of control.  When this happens it can lead to both physical and emotional problems.  Unfortunately, those who are binge eaters are also in denial that they have a problem.  The binge eaters may realize that something is not quite right, but they simply retreat into their own world and try to fix the feelings with food.

Friends and family may notice that something is wrong and try to help the binge eater.  They may see a weight gain or they may notice a change in demeanor or appetite. It will be hard for someone who has never been a compulsive eater to help the binge eater.  A non-binge eater simply cannot truly comprehend the problems of the sufferer.

There are some options available for the binge eater.  The most common treatments are medications and psychotherapy.  At times, the two treatments are combined.

If the binge eating is caught early, before it becomes a big problem, another way for the binge eater to counteract the problem is to become a participate in a support group for binge eaters.

It is important to stop the binge eating before it has had time to inflict damage on the sufferer and become a big problem.   Since binge eating occurs in private it is crucial that the binge eater does not eat alone.   With a support group the binge eater will realize that he is not alone.  He will be able to talk and share with others who suffer from the same problem.  Hopefully talking and sharing with others will help the binge eater to open up more and talk about the problem.  The more the binge eater talks about what is happening the better he will be able to deal with his concerns.  Being with a group of people who struggle with the same problem will help lessen the feelings of desperation and loneliness often experienced by the binge eater.

As a member of a binge eating support group the binge eater will have access to help from others who will understand since they share the same problem.  Help can be available whenever it is needed.  You will not have to wait until a regularly scheduled meeting.  You will be able to talk with someone who understands what you are experiencing.  These groups were set up so individuals suffering from the binge eating problem can rely on each other for support.  No one needs to feel they are fighting the condition alone.

Binge eating support groups can be an important step in treating a condition that can shatter the life of someone who is suffering from compulsive (binge) eating.