The Benefits Of A Diabetic Alert Dog

There are many benefits to being a pet parent, especially if your pet is a dog.  Your pet will give you unconditional love and companionship.  As you care for your canine friend you will reap many benefits. The love and companionship of your dog will minimize depression.  Exercising with your dog will help you to have a healthier heart and can help lower cholesterol.  Getting out with your pet can increase your social activities too.  These are just a few of the many benefits owners of pets enjoy. 

If you are diabetic and own a diabetic alert dog you will receive not only the above benefits, but much more.  Patients with either Type l or Type 2 diabetes gain tremendous benefit from owning a diabetic alert dog.  The dogs are trained to alert their owners when there is a shift in the person’s blood sugar level.  They recognize the chemical changes that occur in a diabetic when the blood sugar level is at a dangerous level.  Changes occur in a diabetic prior to the patient becoming hypoglycemic.

Diabetic alert dogs have been trained to utilize their sense of smell to detect the fluctuation in changes in the blood sugar levels of their owner.  The dog is alert to his owner’s change in blood sugar levels which can vary from low to high.  These peaks and valleys in blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on the organs of the diabetic. As a diabetic you need to monitor your blood sugar level throughout the day.

When you own a diabetic alert dog you have a constant companion right by your side and monitoring your health.  Being a diabetic requires a great deal of maintenance.  The diabetic alert dog can make the time between checking blood sugar levels go more smoothly.  There is always the chance that something will go wrong between blood sugar readings which can put the patient in the danger zone.  The diabetic alert dog will recognize the danger and alert his owner that there is a problem.

Sometimes the diabetic is alone and feels overwhelmed with all the responsibility resting on his own shoulders.  Having a loving pet at your side who also offers medical support can be a blessing.  It can relieve some of the feeling that you are alone with your medical problem.  The diabetic alert dog is right there next to you offering emotional support and constant companionship.  He’ll rest next to you at bedtime and walk alongside you throughout the day.  Owning a diabetic alert dog can benefit the patient on both a medical and psychological level.

Owning a diabetic alert dog can be priceless.  It can even be a lifesaving experience since the dog will alert its owner to a problem before the onset of the diabetic incident.

When you are ill and have the emotional support of a pet who unconditionally loves you and is there to protect your health, chances are you will be better able to manage, maintain and even improve not only your health, but also your life,