The Benefits Of A Pedicure


A pedicure is an excellent way to pamper your hard working feet.  Many people think pedicures are only for women, but men will benefit from having a pedicure too.

When you have regular pedicures the technician should be able to detect any skin problems or infections on your feet which may need medical attention from your medical professional.  Many problems can be handled more easily when detected very early.

One of the best benefits of having a pedicure is that it is so relaxing.  Often the pedicure includes massaging the feet and legs and this is a great way to relax and relieve stress.  Massaging is usually done using creams or oils and this helps moisturize your skin.

Another benefit of the massage is that it helps increase blood circulation in the feet and calves which may help relieve pain.

We walk several thousand steps each day and our feet are in motion.  A pedicure canhelp keep these feet healthy and looking good.

When you have a pedicure the technician will have you soak your feet and will then scrub and exfoliate your feet.  This process takes off the dead dry skin and softens your feet.


The technician will clip your toenails thus preventing the nails from growing inward and causing infections.

Since a pedicure removes the dirt and bacteria from  your feet it can help prevent nail disorders and foot odors.

The technician will push back and gently remove any over grown dead cuticles and then treat your cuticles with cuticle oil.

Buffing the nails is done not only to make the nails look nice and shiny, but it also helps stimulate the flow of blood to that area.

After your feet have been properly cared for you may want to have the technician finish your pedicure with nail polish.

When polish is applied there is usually a base coat to keep stains from your nail plate.  Then the color is applied and the process is completed with a top coat to help prevent chipping the polish.

Having a pedicure is not just a relaxing de-stressing procedure.  It can give you a feeling of more self confidence.  You will feel good after your pedicure and your feet will look attractive and well groomed and will feel silky soft.  It is a good idea to have a pedicure on a regular schedule every few weeks.  Your feet with thank you for giving them the attention they deserve.