The Benefits Of A Treadmill Desk


Sitting for long periods of time while working is not good for your health. Combine the hours of sitting with a lack of exercise during free time and the result is an increase in waistlines and decrease in health.

The American Heart Association recommends walking 10,000 steps daily. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans from the US Department of Health and Human Services recommends 150 minutes each week of moderate activity. Many people fall far short of these activity guidelines.

Perhaps a treadmill desk can help with the problem of inactivity. Some companies have added a few of these treadmill desks to be used for a period of time each day by various employees.

The treadmill desk does not move at a fast pace. It likely does not exceed two miles per hour. It would be rather difficult to work if you were walking fast enough on the treadmill to work up a sweat.

In the beginning those who participated in a study on the use of treadmill desks in the workplace had a hard time using the computer keyboard and mouse. However, in a short time they had mastered the skills enabling them to efficiently work at the desk using the computer equipment.


It appears that using a treadmill desk does have advantages. Productivity by those using the treadmill desk increased by as much as 10%. Walking at a treadmill desk increases the number of steps you take each day which helps reach the American Heart Association’s 10,000 step recommendation. Walking will also increase metabolism and improve focus and alertness. You may reduce or prevent some back pain when you are walking for some time rather than sitting for eight or more hours at work. Walking also will improve your mood. It may help with a little weight loss.

Of course, being more active will provide many other health benefits for you.

There are some negative aspects to the treadmill desk. Purchasing the desk can be expensive. The treadmill desk takes up a good deal of space. Using the treadmill desk only provides light physical activity.

However, even light activity is better than just sitting for hours and getting no activity. The treadmill desk is still a fairly new concept, but it may be one step toward improving the health of employees in the workplace. Perhaps savings realized from improvement in employees overall health and increased productivity will help offset the expense of purchasing a treadmill desk.