The Best Guide in Buying a Pet Fountain

ljpjpAnyone who has ever lived with a cat knows  a feline has a mind of his own.  Cats have very definite likes and dislikes.  Most cats like to drink fresh running water.  Some will even try to drink from a faucet.

Many cats today eat a diet consisting mainly of dry food.  It is important for them to have water available

for them to drink.  Drinking lots of water will help prevent kidney problems and help avoid urinary tract infections.  If you are gone from the home for long hours at a  time a pet automatic water dispenser  is really important so that fresh water is available to your pet at all times.

Some things to consider when buying an automatic water dispenser  for a cat (or dog) is ease of maintenance.  You want a water dispenser that is easy to clean.  Something you can take apart and put in the dishwasher is easier than something you need several brushes to clean.  Replacing the filter should be quick and easy too.  Your pet fountain will need to be cleaned at least once a week and more often if you have multiple pets.  The filters will also need replacement on a regular basis.  The water dispenser should have a quiet pump since cats are afraid of a loud noise and you certainly don’t want to be disturbed by a noisy pump. Stainless steel or ceramic dispensers are probably better and more long lasting than plastic. (They are also a little more expensive)   Over time plastic may develop nicks and scratches and the scratches can hide bacteria.  hvftrtr

Cats are susceptible to feline acne which comes from contact with bacteria that can be hidden in scratches in plastic containers.  This condition will most likely result in a trip to your vet to clear up the problem.  The size of you pet and the number of pets you own will also have bearing on the size water dispenser you consider.  For a larger pet or multiple pets you need an automatic water dispenser with a larger capacity.

Before buying a fountain for your pet research various types and models and then read reviews and see what other pet owners like or dislike about the model you are considering.  Depending on the type fountain you purchase automatic water dispensers can range in price from a low of around $30 to around $100.