The Best Way To Recycle Cardboard

The term cardboard usually refers to any heavy duty paper product. Corrugated cardboard is the most common form of this product. Corrugated cardboard features a wavy cardstock sheet that is squeezed between two other flat cardstock sheets.

Corrugated cardboard is made from sturdy long lasting material and is best used for packaging. Often the production of cardboard is considered a costly project because of the resources required to complete the product. Cardboard can be recycled and reusing this resource can help defray some of the cost.

Here are a few tips for the proper recycling of cardboard:

There are two types of cardboard which can be recycled. These are flat cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Flat cardboard is used in boxes like cereal and shoe boxes. Corrugated Cardboard is often used in packing boxes because it has the ruffled layer between two pieces of cardboard making the corrugated cardboard box sturdy. These two types of cardboard can be easily recycled through your town or city curbside recycling program. If curbside pickup is not provided the cardboard can be delivered to a recycling center.

It’s rare to find 100 percent recycled cardboard material. Most recycling facilities create a blend of both recycled and new material to make the end product much sturdier. The packaging may sometimes be identified as using “25% recycled or post-consumer material”.

Before you recycle your cardboard boxes first break the boxes down so they stack flat. Then place the flat stack of cardboard at curbside for pickup or take it to your recycling center. Depending on the recycling program in your area you may have to break the cardboard down until it easily fits into a brown paper bag. You can then take it along with your mixed paper wastes for recycling.

Check with your local community recycling facility to find out if they accept corrugated and flat cardboard. If your local recycling program does not accept one or both cardboard types, check with the local supermarket since some supermarkets will take in the boxes.

Check to determine if your local recycling facility accepts or recycles waxed cardboard. Waxed cardboard types include milk and juice cartons. Your state or county recycling department should have information regarding waxed cardboard recycling procedures in your area.

It is easy for consumers to recycle the cardboard items they have accumulated at home. Most city and municipal recycling agencies collect different types of cardboard at curbside. This is in addition to other common recyclables such as metal, glass, plastic, textiles, aluminum, and electronic products. Consumers can also deliver cardboard in bulk to a recycling facility. By promoting the recycling of cardboard and other paper products we reduce the number of trees that need to be harvested to make the paper products. By recycling materials whenever possible we help protect the environment and conserve our precious natural resources,