The Most Unique Gemstone: Morganite

800_600_1176043396514fda098d84bMorganite is a member of the Beryl family of gemstones which includes Emeralds and Aquamarine among others.

In 1911 a gemstone expert at Tiffany & Co. named the gemstone Morganite in honor of John Pierpont Morgan a financier and mineral collector.

Morganite is also sometimes referred to as pink beryl, pink emerald or rose beryl.  Deposits of this gemstone are found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, Afghanistan and California.

Morganite is said to have special meanings and special energies.  It is thought to attract one’s soul mate.  Morganite may improve feelings of love and may foster more compassion in a relationship or marriage.

It is said that Morganite may ward off evil spirits and demons and protect the wearer when traveling.

It may also bring good luck, energy, cheerfulness and eternal youthfulness.

Other qualities attributed to Morganite include giving the wearer a sense of calm and inner strength.

SatelliteMorganite may help to overcome resentment, anger and fear. It is said to stabilize the emotional field.

In stressful times this gemstone can project a brighter side to life.  Looking at a Morganite may improve your mood.

Morganite gemstone comes in many pink hues.  Some come in hues which are more lilac and some have a hint of orange or yellow.

The color determines the value of the gemstone.  Although the more transparent the stone the more valuable it usually is some people prefer a stone that looks like silk with line inclusions.  The cut of the stone is most important to achieve its full beauty.

Sometimes the stone is heat treated to produce the desired pink color.

Among other things Morganite is used in creating jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings including engagement and wedding rings.  The jewelry is not cheap, however, it is reasonably priced depending on the size and quality of the stone you choose.  The larger stone will allow the beauty of the color of the stone to really shine.  Many women all over the world love the charming color of the Morganite.