The Pressures of a Home-Based Business

Many people like the idea of working for themselves and not having to report to a boss.  They think having their own business will provide lots of freedom and they will not have the pressure associated with corporate work.

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business will require long hours if you want to be a success.  Whether your business succeeds or fails rests solely on your own shoulders.  To get a business on its feet will require working long hard hours most days of the week for the first few years at least.

The big difference between having your own business and working for someone else is that you will need to deal with things you never had to deal with before.  The financial success or failure of your employer’s business was not your concern, but now all the stress for the success of the business depends on you.  It is up to you to find and retain the clients who will use the services you offer.  You are the one who needs to worry that you have enough money coming in to pay your bills, your vendors, your taxes and to pay your employees, if you have any,

The quick answer to the question of dealing with the anxiety associated with a home-based business is to realize that this is part of being a business owner.  You must learn to live with the stress.  Your anxiety is not going to go away quickly.  You may experience anxiety for years as you study your profit/loss margins for your new business.  It will take time before your business moves to a place where it is stable and successful.

Just because you are feeling pressure it does not mean that your business is going to fail.  It just means that you are facing the same pressures all business owners experience from time to time.

Anxiety is a great motivator.  You may wake up and decide you don’t feel like working today and would prefer to go to the beach.  After you think about it, you realize that by skipping work today you will not be making any money and will be making things more difficult for yourself.

When you are starting out with your own business, having some fear and anxiety about running a business is a good thing.  Only someone who is arrogant feels no pressure at all from starting a business.  Being arrogant is a good way for you to fail at your business venture.

Being confident and being arrogant are not the same thing.  When you are arrogant you think that nothing can go wrong.  You think that you will be successful without having to put forth the effort needed.  You see no reason to stress over the financial affairs of your new business since you feel everything will simply fall into place.

When you are confident you feel you can succeed, but you realize that it will take much work to get your business venture on solid footing.  Yoy know that your business will experience both good times and bad times.

Here are a few things to help you deal with the pressure of a home-based business.  Make sure  you have a financial plan.  If anyone else is involved in your business be sure they know what your goals are for them and for the business.  Know the risks associated with running your own home based business and determine if you are willing and able to assume these risks.  Don ‘t pretend to yourself or anyone else that these risks do not exist.  You need to face that fact that there are risks and pressures associated with running a business.  If you can handle the pressures and the risks you can diminish your anxiety and the stress will eventually become less and much easier to manage.