The Top 6 Healthy Foods That Your Kids Actually Like!


There actually are healthy foods kids like to eat.  It is much better for your child’s health to give him nutritious food in place of foods full of empty calories and unnecessary fats and sugars.

Instead of giving your child foods high in calories, sugar and fat give them foods low in fat, low in sugar, high in fiber and containing other important minerals and vitamins.

Replace processed foods like chicken nuggets and chicken fingers, and hot dogs, lunch meats, pizza, french fries, cookies, candy, sugar loaded cereal and yogurt and soft drinks with healthier foods.  It is a good idea to replace snack foods with something healthy too. Here are some ideas of healthy foods that kids like:

  1. Milk and yogurt – Kids usually start life drinking milk and as they start to grow the consumption of milk becomes less.  Children should drink a couple of glasses of milk every day unless they are lactose intolerant.  In that case there is milk for those with a lactose problem.  After age two the lower fat milk is fine.  Milk provides protein, calcium and vitamin D.  Low fat yogurt with little sugar and containing active cultures and possibly probiotics is an excellent food.  It makes a good snack for kids.  Avoid the high fat high sugar yogurts.
  2. Peanut Butter – Unless your kid has an allergy to nuts peanut butter is a good source of protein as well as other nutrients.  What kid does not like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich made on whole grain bread?  Some people avoid peanut butter because it is high in fat.  In fact, peanut butter contains mainly mono and poly-unsaturated fats and not saturated fats.
  3. Fruits – Most kids like to eat fruit.  Apples with the skin are a healthy food which is high in fiber and low in calories.  Other fruits kids like include bananas, berries, melons, oranges. peaches, tangerines, pineapple and so on.  Fruits make an excellent snack for kids.  You can use fruits to make things like baked apples, banana bread or banana pudding.
  4. Vegetables – Most kids like carrots either cooked or raw as carrot sticks or baby carrots.  Other vegetables kids seem to like include corn, peas, celery sticks, boiled or baked potato, peppers and cherry or grape tomatoes.  Kids will like a healthy dip for their raw vegetables.  Kids may not like to eat brussel sprouts or spinach.  Children are more apt to eat the vegetables they see their parents eating.  Try making some zucchini bread.  The kids will probably love it.
  5. Cereal and Oatmeal – Cereal is good for kids if it is not loaded with sugar.  Give your child a whole grain cereal with some milk and topped either with banana or berries.  Oatmeal is a great food for kids.  It is high in fiber and most kids like it.  Add fruit to your oatmeal or consider adding a spoonful of peanut butter to the oatmeal.  Bake up some oatmeal cookies.
  6. Eggs  – Eggs are another good source of protein and other nutrients.  Kids can safely eat one egg every other day.  A few years ago eggs were avoided because they were thought to cause high cholesterol.  Now eggs are considered okay to eat again.  Although eggs do contain cholesterol they don’t have the saturated fat which is what raises cholesterol levels.

It is just as easy to introduce your kid to healthy foods so they learn to want them as it is to introduce your kid to the unhealthy junk foods.  Your kid will be much healthier eating good nutritious foods they actually like.