Time To Declutter Part 1 – 5 Things To Throw Away Right Now – (Part 1 of 5)

Messy room

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed as soon as you walk into your home? Are you embarrassed if an unexpected visitor stops by? Do you make a frantic effort to clear the mess when you are expecting guests?

If you answered yes to these questions it’s time to take control and get rid of the clutter. Once you have your home in order, keeping it that way will require very little time and effort.

You did not accumulate all you clutter in one day or even one week. But, working at clearing the mess a little at a time will restore your home to a calm relaxing place where you like to be.

First lets tackle the clutter in the community rooms in the home. These include the entranceway, kitchen, living room, dining room, family room and bath.

First do a quick declutter of these areas focusing on getting rid of the following five things:

  1. Collect old newspapers and put them out for recycling.
  2. If you have a pile of mail which has accumulated throw out the junk mail right away. Put the other mail aside to go through later. Now place a waste can near the place where you put the mail when it arrives. In the future, immediately put the junk mail into the waste can. Place a nice basket on the table to hold non-junk mail in one neat place. Make it a habit to empty the basket regularly and take care of the mail.

declutter-successfully3. Magazines that you have read can be donated or put out for recycle. If you are holding onto the magazines because you might want to refer to an article in one of them you will need good luck finding the right magazine with the article you want to read again. A better idea is to save the article when you first read it. Clip out the article and set up a file folder to hold articles of interest to you. You may be interested in making a folder for recipes you plan to try someday too. Save the articles you want and get rid of the rest of the magazine.

4. If you have old scratched CDs cluttering up a table get rid of them if they are completely unusable. Try sending them to recycling. If the CDs have only a minor scratch you may be able to repair it. Only keep the CD if you really will repair it promptly.

5. Get rid of plants that have died or are dying. The plant can go into a compost pile. The used dirt can be incorporated in the garden or flowerbox. If you are not going to reuse the flowerpot for a new plant recycle or donate the pot. If it is plastic check to be sure it is a type plastic recycle will accept.

Once you have made this first assault on the clutter in the community rooms you should notice some improvement in their appearance. Hopefully you now have clear tabletops. If you still have clutter such as stray shoes or clothing, collect these items and return them to their proper places.

Finally, dust the furniture, vacuum the floor and clean the countertops.

You’ve now taken the first baby step toward clutter control.