Time To Declutter Part 2 – Things To Throw Away Right Now – (Part 2 of 5)



You home is at least presentable now so it’s time to attack the clutter the lurks in cupboards, drawers and such.

The kitchen it a good place to get rid of clutter so focus on getting rid of the following 5 things:

  1. Spices – We all have purchased a spice for a special recipe and then put the rest of that spice on a shelf. Spices usually have an expiration date on the bottom of the jar so check to see if your spice is still good or if it should be tossed. Most spices last about a year. You can throw out the spice. If you want to keep the bottle, wash it out and use it as a travel size container. Otherwise, recycle the bottle.
  2. Foods don’t last forever. Go through your refrigerator and cupboards and discard anything you know is no longer safe to eat. If you are wondering if your food is still safe check out the website “ StillTasty.com” Some items are usable beyond the indicated date. It just may no longer be at its peak of flavor.

When you look at the labeling on food it can be confusing. If the product has a use by or best before date it indicates how long the product should be at its peak flavor. After that date, if the product is still unopened it may still be alright to use. The flavor or texture may have changed. If you are at all in doubt about the safety of the food throw it out. The sell by date found on perishable items indicates the latest date the store has to sell the product. It is still safe for you to use for several days after the sell by date (or longer if you freeze the item). Be sure when you purchase a perishable items you purchase it before the sell by date.


  1. If you have appliances you don’t use taking up space get rid of them. If you want to make a few dollars sell the items at an auction site online or sell them at a flea market or yard sale. Otherwise donate the working appliances to a charity.
  2. Cookware – Non-stick pans which are scratched are no longer healthy to use. Get rid of them. Likewise get rid of any pots and pans with missing handles, dents and scratches.
  3. Miscellaneous kitchen clutter items – Rid your kitchen of rusted, broken utensils. Get rid of dull knives if they cannot be sharpened. Get rid of broken plastic utensils. No one needs an excess of plastic containers that once housed butter. Get rid of some of these. Get rid of torn or frayed dish cloths or dish towels. Go through the kitchen junk drawer and get rid of broken or unwanted or unused stuff.

Put items you do not need to use on a daily basis back into a cupboard so your counters will be clearer, have more working space, and be more usable.

Once you have cleared much of the clutter from your kitchen take the time to thoroughly clean the counters, sink and appliances. Be sure all dishes are washed and put away. Wash the kitchen floor. Then sit back and admire your clutter free sparkling kitchen. Attempt to spend a few minutes each day keeping your kitchen neat, pleasant and inviting.