Time To Declutter, Part 3 – 5 Things To Throw Away Now (Part 3 of 5)




By now you should have your community rooms, including your kitchen, in pretty good shape. A good amount of the clutter should be gone and these rooms should feel more restful and inviting.

Now it’s time to get to work on removing clutter from the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Here are 5 things to focus on removing when you attack the bedrooms and bathrooms.

  1. Socks, shoes and boots – Get rid of socks with holes and socks that are so stretched out they keep falling down. You might as well get rid of the of single sock too. If you have shoes and boots which are worn out get rid of them. If you have shoes and boots which are still in good shape, but they hurt your feet or you simply don’t like wearing them, donate the decent shoes to charity.


  1. Closets and bureau drawers – If your dresser drawers and closets are stuffed go through them and get rid of clothing you are not going to wear. Get rid of any frayed, faded or torn clothing. There is no reason to keep decent clothing if you have not worn it in years or if it no longer fits. These items can be donated to a charity. Or, if you think you can earn a few dollars take the unwanted clothing to a consignment shop or sell at a flea market or online auction.

While you are working on your closet get rid of any broken or bent hangers.

If you have old eyeglasses lurking in bureau drawers collect these and donate them to an organization like the Lions Club.

If your linen closet holds faded, torn or frayed linens get rid of them.

  1. Hats and handbags that you no longer like, wear or use should be either discarded, donated or sold, Just get this clutter out of the house if it is simply taking up space.
  2. Makeup does not last forever. If you have drawers full of outdated makeup get rid of it. If you have makeup you don’t like get rid of that too. Unless it is fairly new and has never been opened do not attempt to donate the makeup. It is not sanitary to give used makeup to someone else.
  3. Go through your jewelry box. Get rid of earrings when you only have one of the pair. Get rid of broken jewelry or have it repaired so you can wear it. If you have a pile of jewelry you no longer wear either donate it, sell it or simply get rid of it.

Once you have cleared the clutter from the bedrooms and bathrooms clean the bathroom fixtures and wash the floor. In the bedrooms make the bed, dust the furniture and vacuum the rug and mop the floor.

Going forward try to keep the bathrooms and bedrooms tidy. Wipe down bathroom fixtures daily. Make the bed. Put away laundry when it is done. Return clothing and shoes, etc to their proper places each day.