Tips For Arthritis Sufferers

People who suffer with the pain of arthritis have probably tried many of the pills, ointments and treatments recommend for relieving some of the discomfort of arthritis.  These pills, ointments and treatments may not have worked or may have provided a small measure of relief.

There are many forms of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus and by far the most common form of arthritis which is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition and is caused by the breakdown of the joints cartilage.  This breakdown of cartilage allows the bones to rub against each other and this causes loss of movement in the joint as well as stiffness and pain.  The pain of arthritis can severely affect a person’s standard of living and ability to do everyday activities.

While there is no permanent cure for arthritis there are some techniques you can adopt that will help you be more active and in better control of your life.

It may sound counterproductive, but exercise will help the arthritis sufferer maintain some strength and flexibility.  People with arthritis may not feel like moving their body since they are in pain.  They decide to just remain in one place.  Don’t allow yourself to remain immobile.  Instead go for a brisk walk, try some gardening, do some housecleaning, go to the pool and swim or do some exercises in the pool.  It will depend on the individual person’s level of mobility what exercises are possible.  Exercise should be at the top of the list of remedies for someone with arthritis.  Your joints can quickly become stiff and immobile without exercise and you will lose the flexibility needed to live an active independent life.

Diet can play an important role in managing the pain associated with arthritis.  It is thought that switching from a diet high in animal proteins and processed foods to a diet featuring more whole grains, fruits and vegetables benefits the person suffering from arthritis.

If you are overweight you are putting extra stress on your joints and muscles.  A weight gain of 10 pounds can mean an equivalent stress increase of 40 pounds on the knees.  If you are carrying too much weight then losing some weight can help improve your joint function.

Ice applied to a swollen joint can help ease the pain and reduce the painful swelling.  However, icing a joint can sometimes lead to the joint stiffening and becoming inflexible.  For this reason the icing of an arthritic joint is usually suggested at the end of the day.

Applying heat to the affected joint also works well as an arthritis remedy.  Heat works the opposite way to ice and so the best time to use a hot water bottle or heat pack is at the beginning of the day.  Through the night the joints have stiffened and a warm heat pack can often loosen up the joints and give more flexibility for the rest of the day.

Massaging the affected joints with soothing oils can help relieve the arthritis pain and make the sufferer feel more comfortable.

There are devises which can assist the person with arthritis and help prevent the arthritis from getting worse.  These devices include items such as braces, splints, and shoe inserts.  They can help redistribute the weight and take some of the strain from the legs which often suffer the most strain.

Try some of these helpful tips for the pain of arthritis.  They may offer some relief and they may help you reach a better quality of life.