Tips for Buying Baby Clothing

Shopping for baby clothing can be a fun experience.  If you are not careful it can also be a very expensive experience.  You may be tempted by the array of pretty, fancy outfits and dresses.  Before  you make a purchase there are a few general things you need to consider:

1.  The size of the baby

2.  The baby’s age

3.  Does the baby have allergies?

4.  Does the baby need practical clothing or can you buy something frivolous?

5.  The size of your budget.

You want to buy something that will be appropriate to wear in the climate in which the baby lives.  Babies grow very quickly and if you purchase something for a specific season how much wear will the baby get from it?

You want clothing that is easy to put on the baby.  If the child is an infant in diapers you want something full enough to cover the diaper with snaps at the inseam for easy changing.

You want clothing that is easy to wash and that will resist stains.  Cotton and cotton blends work well.  You don’t want to buy something that needs to be either washed by hand or dry cleaned.  Remember no matter how cute, babies are messy and their clothing will need to be cleaned often.

Although fancy, dressy clothing is adorable how many times will a baby be dressed up?  These outfits can be expensive so go easy on the number of them you purchase.

End of season sales and clearance sales are great ways to save money when buying baby clothing.  Just be sure you buy the clothing large enough to fit the baby next year.

Online stores have very attractive prices for baby clothing and offer a wide range of items.  Most have easy return policies in case the item you purchased is not exactly what you wanted.

Since babies outgrow clothing so quickly another great way to save money is to check out consignment shops.  There you can usually find  very gently used baby clothing at very reasonable process.  There shop are also a good place to recycle the clothing your own baby has outgrown while recouping a little money.