Tips For Home Organization

If you are sick and tired of living in a clutter home, if you have finally decided to tackle the clutter once and for all – here are a few tips you will want to follow.

  1. Make it a habit to touch something only once. This means that when you have a dirty dish you put it in the dishwasher and don’t place it in the sink for later.  If you bring some clothing into the bedroom to be put away don’t toss it somewhere to put it in the proper place later.  When the mail comes in go through it and put junk mail into a trash can or recycle bin to go out with the trash.  Place important papers away and put bills to be paid in their proper place. 

When you put something on the side to attend to later this is a form of procrastination.  This procrastination is what causes piles of stuff to accumulate.  Once you get into the habit of handling something only once you will see how this practice saves you time.  It may only take a few seconds to handle the item immediately, but putting it off may take several minutes tomorrow.  That dirty dish will need to be taken from the sink then placed in the dishwasher.  Two steps.  The clothing will need to be picked up from wherever you stashed it and put away.  Two steps.  Your mail will need to be gone through and put in the proper places.  Again, two steps.

  1. When you attempt to organize your home, organize only one space at a time. Decide on one small space and determine how much time you want to devote to organizing this spot each day.  It may only be fifteen or thirty minutes, but if you chip away at the clutter each day it will eventually be organized.  You can start small by organizing something like a junk drawer or your wallet or purse.  Even accomplishing this small task will give you a boost in motivation to go on to a bigger project.  Don’t try to tackle too much at once or you may become discouraged and give up.  The smaller the task the easier it is to complete and the better you’ll feel.
  2. When you organize your home keep things that are alike together. This means keep your skirts with skirts, coats with coats, sweaters with sweaters, etc.  When you organize your kitchen pantry or cupboards keep cups with cups, glasses with glasses, grains with grains, condiments with condiments, canned goods and soups with canned goods and soups, etc.  I think you’ll get the idea.  When you are attempting the organization of your home visualize a clothing store or a grocery store.  Keep in mind how these places are organized so that customers can find exactly what they need. The same strategy will work in your own home.

Your home did not become a cluttered mess overnight and so it is not going to become organized overnight.  However, once you have conquered the clutter you will be surprised how much less stress you will have and how much time and money you will save by not hunting for things or purchasing duplicates of things you were unable to locate.