Tips For Managing Your Career

If you are to have a successful career you need to have a plan.  It’s possible to have a job and just drift along with the tide.  This is alright if it satisfies you, but if you want more control over your career future you need to have a plan .

Having a career plan means keeping abreast of changes in your industry.  It means observing any changes to management’s style or wishes.  It means keeping your professional skills up to date and being flexible enough to make necessary changes.  It means developing a business network of people in the industry.

Even when you are employed you should be aware of outside opportunities for which you may be qualified.  No one knows when the unfortunate time will come and you find yourself  unemployed and looking for another position.  If you already are aware of opportunities available in your field, and if you have developed that network of people, finding new employment will be easier.

Many people feel only the best qualified applicant will be chosen to fill a position.  This is not necessarily true.  More often than not it is the person with average skills who has conducted himself well during the interview.  For a job interview always dress appropriately.  Arrive a few minutes early.  Research the company before your interview so you can ask and answer pertinent questions regarding the company.  Have a general idea of the appropriate salary range for the position.  You don’t want to ask for too little, but you certainly do not want to ask for an amount outside the range for that position.  Thank the interviewer for his time and if you think you are interested in the position let him know. Be sure to follow up with the company a few days after the interview either by phone, letter or e-mail.

When you are working for a company give them your best effort.  They are paying you to do a job and not to spend your time at the coffee machine or surfing the web.  Whatever your  position at the company do it well and learn all you can to enhance your chances for promotion along  your career path