Tips For New Expats Living In China

business-in-China1A number of companies are offering some of their management employees the opportunity to relocate to China Others are moving the China because of its standard of living. Whatever the reason, if you are considering living in China here are a few tips you may find helpful.

It is a good idea if you can learn some language. Many Chinese speak English. In the business world most people can understand and speak either English or Mandarin or both. If you are going to be working in China you should have at least some knowledge of Mandarin. Some companies offer classes to teach this language. There are other dialects used in China, but you can probably do fine if you just understand Mandarin.

Take advantage of your time in a new country. Use your free time to travel and enjoy the sights and sounds of China.

Enjoy eating Chinese food. Try some meals at your nearby Chinese eating establishment. You will find the food in China may taste even better then Chinese food found elsewhere.

If you are working in China make sure you know their business and social etiquettes. You don’t want to cause someone to lose face simply because you don’t understand how business in China is conducted.

International group of Business people in a meeting.

It is likely a good idea the travel carrying some toilet paper. You never know when you will need a public restroom in China and there may be no toilet paper. Better to be safe than uncomfortable.

During National Week and Spring Festival you may want to skip traveling. These are the two longest public holidays so traffic is much heavier, ticket prices are higher and its hard to find accommodations at favorite places. National Week is early in October and Spring Festival is early in February.

It is probably better to use the inexpensive taxies or the efficient public transportation system and not drive yourself. Traffic is very heavy and China has a very high rate of accidents. However, if you choose to drive it should not be hard to obtain a driver’s license.

You can learn a good deal about Chinese lifestyle by watching some of the local TV. Instead of always watching the TV you are accustomed to watching try something new.

Living as an expat in China is a great opportunity to expand your horizon an experiences. Take advantage of the time you are living there. Learn about the cultural, make friends with locals, enjoy the food, the scenery and the attractions.