Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes

MovingBoxesMost people regard packing boxes for a move as a necessary evil.  Doing a good job of sorting and packing your household items will make your move a little more hassle free.

First you want to start by packing items you rarely use first.  You don’t want to have to open packed boxes to get an item you need.  Moving is a good time to rid your home of unwanted items by either selling these items or giving them away to charity or friends and family.  Why bother packing and moving something you really don’t like or use.

You want to be sure your boxes are sturdy and of various sizes.  Its best to pack heavier items in the bottom of the box.  Keep in mind that someone will be moving and lifting these packed boxes so do not make them too heavy to handle.  It is better to pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes rather than large ones because of the weight.

Group items going into the same room together to make it easier for unpacking.  Do not mix items for several rooms in the same box.

After packing your boxes be sure and tape them securely.  The bottom of the box needs to be taped as well as the top.  Be sure to clearly mark the outside of each box with the room where it belongs.  It can be helpful if you further identify the contents of the box such as kitchen – pots and pans.  This will eliminate searching through a pile of boxes looking for a particular item.

Wrap breakable items in bubble wrap to protect them and then mark your boxes fragile and indicate which side of the box is the top..

It will save time and energy when you are unpacking if you have wrapped clean dishes and utensils in either butcher paper or paper towels.  If you use newspaper for wrapping these items the ink will probably come off and the items will need to be washed before you put them away.

Fill up any empty spaces in your boxes with things like towels or packing paper.  You don’t want boxes where the items are loose and moving around.  In fact, if a mover is going to move your boxes they sometimes will not handle the boxes when tfe items are shifting around.

Packing for your move will be less stressful if you start early and allow yourself plenty of time to do a good job.  Waiting until the last minute and then just throwing anything and everything into any box can cause damaged items and will cause disappointments when you start unpacking.

You will spend much less time getting settled in your new home if you have taken the time to pack your moving boxes efficiently.