Tips For Staging Your House


When you are trying to sell your home you need to make it attractive to a prospective buyer.

First, you need to make the outside of the house look attractive and inviting. You do not want a potential buyer to drive up to the house, take one look, and then drive away.

Make the potential buyer want to see more of the house. Be sure the lawn is well trimmed. Fill in any bare spots of grass. Pull any weeds and trim unruly shrubs. Power wash the deck and/or patio and if it is dirty power wash the siding too. Get rid of any clutter strewn over the grounds. Either plant some flowers or put out some pots of flowers to add inviting color. If you have a porch put some attractive furnishing on it. If you have a driveway filled with old cars or campers or boats try to find someplace else to put them while you are trying to sell your house. If your entrance doors or windows are in need of paint then repaint them.

Inside your house you want to step outside yourself and try to envision your house as a stranger may see it. A potential buyer is there to view the house. They are not there to look at your personal collections, photos and other items. This means get rid of all clutter. It will make a room look more spacious. Without your personal stamp on the space a prospective buyer can better visualize his own furnishings in the house.

Your house needs to be sparkling clean. Wash windows, woodwork and baseboards. Mop, dust, vacuum and really deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen. Again, remove clutter in both the bathroom and kitchen. Have your counters clear. Put small appliances away out of sight. If your curtains or shower curtains are dingy then replace them. It is important that your basement and garage be clean and clutter free also.


Look carefully at your furniture in the rooms. Is there too much furniture or is the furniture too big? Is the furniture upholstery dirty, torn or stained? If you have too much furniture store some of it elsewhere. The same thing applies to too large furniture. Take some of it out of the room or even replace the too large furniture with something more appropriate scale. Put slipcovers over the furniture that is in need of help. Dingy furniture will make the house look like it has not been well maintained.

If carpet is worn or threadbare remove it and replace it with an area rug or replace the carpet itself. If the carpet is simply dirty then have it cleaned. Polish floors and, if necessary, refinish hardwood floors.

Look at the paint colors in your home. Too bright or too dark colors may turn off a buyer. It may be better to repaint a dated room or one with dingy paint or one with a color that is not neutral.

Making the time and exerting the effort to stage your house can result in a successful sale. If you do not feel capable of staging your house there are professionals who can advise you on what changes will stage your house to its best advantage. Your realtor can usually assist you in locating someone to help stage a house for sale.