Tips to Build Muscles Quickly Without Using Expensive Equipment

Many people have the mistaken idea that they can only build muscles if they use exercise machines and weights.  There are other ways to build muscles quickly without going to the expense of buying exercise machines or paying for a gym membership.

For best results you want to exercise your muscles five days each week.

You can build your core muscles using an exercise ball to do crunches and back extension exercises.

For crunches have the ball beneath your lower back and have your knees bent with feet on the floor.  Then lift your back off the ball a few inches.  Build up the number of times you do this till you can do 25 crunches.

To build core muscles lay on the ball on your stomach and then lift your body off the ball using your back muscles.  Do this exercise 15 times.

In order to strengthen your chest and arm muscles do some plank exercises.  Place a mat on the floor and lie on the floor with your body held straight.  Rest your weight on your  toes and forearms and raise your body and hold for 15 seconds.  Repeat this at least twice before you rest.  Build up your duration for each plank exercise to a minute.

Pushups are effective at building muscles, but your body can quickly adjust to this exercise and it may become ineffective.  To increase the effectiveness of the pushup some experts recommend carrying a backpack while doing the pushups.  Your own ability and endurance will decide the weight you carry in the backpack.

One of the most important things to do when you are attempting to build your muscles is to eat protein.  With all the interest shown in promoting machines and exercise routines for muscle building the need for a diet rich in protein is often overlooked.  Without the proper nutrients all your workouts may not produce the desired results.  Muscles will bulk up faster with the needed protein in your diet since muscles are made of protein.  The recommended daily protein intake needed for men is 53 grams.