Tips to Help Reduce Snoring

snorSnoring is a problem which occurs every night for many people  It is the main reason many happy couples end each night sleeping in separate places.  Before  you consult your medical professional you may want to try some things which may ease your snoring.

Try changing your sleeping position.  Sleeping on your back can increase your chances of snoring.  A simple way to avoid sleeping on your back is to tape a tennis ball to the back of an old tee shirt.  Then if you roll over on your back you’ll end up on your side.

Avoid alcohol.  The consumption of beer or liquor may cause snoring.  Eliminating alcoholic beverages will help to relieve the snoring possibility.

Snoring may be made worse if you have poor head and neck support.  You might try using both a firmer pillow and mattress.  Your pillow will harbor dust, bacteria and other allergens.  These may cause mucus to build up and clog air passages and cause you to snore.  It’s important to replace pillows on a fairly regular basis.  If you are considering investing in an anti-snoring pillow do some research first.  You can probably get the same results with a normal pillow.  The anti-snoring pillows work by propping up your head and this may possibly cause some neck problems.

There are dental appliances like a mandibula advancement split.  These devices work by simply retaining the tongue or pushing the lower jaw forward so snoring is avoided.  Some people have had success using these devises instead of a CPAP machine.

Sinus congestion may be the cause of snoring.  Using nose clips or nasal strips may help keep your nostrils wide open while you sleep.  This will allow you to breathe normally.   With weather changes many people find they have sinus problems.  It’s normal for people with allergies to snore.  The problem may go away with the change of seasons.  In the meantime using a Neti-pot to clean the sinus may help you sleep better.

There are many resources available online to help you reduce your snoring problem.  Of course, if none of the avenues available to you help with your snoring then it may be time to consult with your health care professional.