Tips To Prepare A Home For Rental


If you are planning to rent your home there are some things you will need to do to prepare the home for tenants.

You want to remove all personal property from the residence. That includes furniture, clothing, tools, toys, vehicles, etc. The entire house should be cleared of your belongs.

Of course, if you are renting the home furnished that is a different story. Then you need to be sure all furnishings are in good repair. Remove any valuable furnishings you do not want a tenant to use.

Make any needed repairs to the home. If the walls are dingy or dirty give them fresh paint in a neutral color. Patch any holes, repair leaking plumbing, fix broken windowpanes and be sure windows operate properly. Be sure the heating system and air conditioning are working properly. Be sure the roof does not leak, the gutters are not clogged and the floors are solid and safe.

Clean carpets if they need it. If you are leaving drapes in the house be sure they are clean.

Make sure there is a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector on each floor.

Clean closets and remove hangers. In the kitchen empty cupboards and wash shelves and outside of cabinets. Empty refrigerator and wash inside and out. Clean stove and oven. Clean microwave. Be sure all kitchen appliances work properly.


Thoroughly clean all bathrooms. Empty and clean the basement and garage.

Wash any fingerprints from the walls. Wash woodwork and baseboards. Vacuum and mop floors and wash the windows.

Keep the gas and electric on until such time as a tenant is taking possession of the home. Then these utilities can go into their name as they will be responsible.

If you have an alarm system you can have it discontinued when you rent the home. If the tenant wants the alarm system on they can pay for it.

You will need to determine a fair price to ask for your rental. Keep in mind that the better impression your home makes on a prospective tenant the more likely you are to get a decent rental amount.

You need to decide whether you will manage your rental property yourself or if you will employ a professional property manager.

Once you have a prospective tenant his references will need to be checked. You want to be sure your prospective tenant will be a good one. You need to know that he has the income to enable him to pay the rent on time, and that he is likely to take care of your property.