Top 10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights

young-woman-weightliftingSome women stay away from weight training because they don’t want to bulk up. This is not true unless bulk muscles are what you are trying to achieve. Weight training will cause you to lose fat and gain muscle. You can realize many health benefits from regular moderate exercise including weight training.

  1. As you replace fat with muscle you will burn more calories since your metabolism will increase. It takes 5 times more energy to maintain your muscles than your fat. The more fat you replace with muscle through weight training the more calories you will burn.
  2. When you are lifting weights you will burn more calories then doing cardio exercises. Your scale may not show a lower number since muscle weighs more than fat. You will note an improvement in the way your too tight clothing now fits.
  3. It will be easier just to perform your daily tasks since weight lifting will make you stronger and give you more endurance. You will find it is easier to tote grocery bags or lift a child or take a long walk. Gaining more flexibility and strength will improve your ability as an athlete and reduce your risk of an injury.
  4. Improving your strength is possible at any age. If you are older and just beginning a weight training routine get some guidance from a professional to avoid any injuries.
  5. Lifting weights will increase bone density. Your chances of developing osteoporosis will decrease. Regular weight training will lubricate your joints and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Regular weight training can increase mineral density in the spinal bone in only a few months.

o-WEIGHTLIFTINGSHOES-facebook6. Lifting weights will sculpt your body giving you some definition where you want it. You can develop curves where you want them. It will help rid you of the juggling upper arms too.

7. Weight lifting can increase glucose utilization in the body which may reduce the risk of diabetes. Weight lifting can improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels helping to fight heart disease.

8. Regular weight training will help reduce back pain by strengthening the lower back and will help reduce the risk for developing arthritis.

9. After you hit 50 you will lose 5 – 10% of muscle mass each decade. Lose of muscle will result in loss of strength. Working with weights helps reduce this natural loss of muscle and strength and helps avoid some health problems associated with aging.

10. Strength training many help improve your mental health. It will boost your feeing of confidence and may help give you a more positive outlook on your life.