Top Things That Kill Productivity

63871a8e5aa5eee2_shutterstock_93250036.xxxlarge_2xWhether you are a freelance worker or are employed in the workplace your productivity makes the difference between success and failure.

It is very easy to get distracted. When you take breaks to check out your friend’s postings on Face book or Twitter you lose concentration on the project that needs your attention. Becoming distracted too often can put your schedule way behind so you hurry and rush to complete the task at hand.

Rushing to complete a project can lead to errors and oversights. It is much better to concentrate and accomplish the task at hand before taking a break to surf the web.

Make yourself a list of the tasks you need to accomplish. Put the most important projects you need to complete at the top of the list and work your way down the list.

It is hard to concentrate and work efficiently if your desk looks like the city dump. Get rid of unnecessary clutter so you have a clean space to work without distractions.

Do not try to multi-task. You may convince yourself that you are good at multi-tasking and do it well. Most likely you are letting something fall through the cracks when you multi-task. It is probably more efficient to properly complete one task before doing another.

Do not bite off more than you can chew. Don ‘t agree to handle more projects then you are capable of finishing in the allotted time frame.

Some people say they work better under pressure and procrastinate till the last minute to work on a project. Sometimes they will need to work all night to finish. Usually this kind of pressure does not lead to the best most effective work being accomplished. It sometimes means the job will simply be completed hurriedly and not be your best effort..

Be open to trying new technology. You may have done things the same way for a long time. There may be a new technology available to allow you to complete the task more easily and efficiently.

0153Everyone has a built in time clock when their body is most able to handle tasks easily. Learn your system’s internal clock and arrange to do your most difficult tasks at the time you are most alert and thus most efficient. Delegate easier tasks to the time your body clock is running slower.

If you need to make decisions concerning your work make the decision so it is not hanging over our head and distracting your thoughts from other things.

When you work at home as a freelancer you can easily be distracted by interruptions from others in the household. Try to arrange for minimal interruptions when you are working.

Likewise if you work in an office environment co-workers can be distracting. Try to limit their interruptions. Try using e mail or IM for communications with others.

It may seem strange, but eating the wrong foods can have a negative effect on productivity. If you eat junk foods for breakfast or lunch your body will need to process it and you may feel sluggish. If you eat a healthy breakfast and lunch you will have more energy and be more alert and able to concentrate on the task at hand.

If you do find yourself at a place where you simply cannot think clearly or concentrate then it may be helpful to take a short break, perhaps a short walk, and then return to your task with a more refreshed mindset.